The Herren Project

I’m deeply honored and grateful that Pam Rickard and The Herren Project gave me the opportunity to be an ambassador for THP RUNS! This is a big deal for me. I’ve had so many positive things come into my world lately that I had to stagger this announcement so that it has its own space. Life is wonderfully strange in this regard. It’s a bit of a mystery how I wound up with my story and photo next to these outstanding people. One of them even wrote an inspiring book I read (ahem) Caleb Daniloff. A “few” years ago (I don’t calendar-mark dates), I was perpetually drunk and or altered, overweight, chain-smoking, depressed, and pessimistic about existence. Somehow, I dug up the determination to begin seeking who I really was underneath my own fear and pain. Choosing to walk from my old story lead me to some of the most magnetic and loving people I’ve ever met. In my heart, I feel that good things come simply from deciding to be available to others. It’s hard to stop the chattering inside that makes the world all about me. It’s hard to actually listen to someone else speak and not fixate on what I’m going to say next. It’s hard to unlearn a life of negative internal monologue. It was hard to see that my pessimism, narcissism, and misanthropy were weakness and not strength. I was only able to access any clarity on these matters after sobriety. I’m certainly not a Saint! My heart is rough-around-the-edges and often says crude $h!t in a New York accent. I’ll always be a work-in-progress, but I think the moment I started acknowledging these quirks is when a change occurred. I can say I’m as happy now as I’ve ever been. I look forward to continuing my work with THP and doing my best to be a useful human! So, if you’d like to get involved or ask questions about addiction, recovery, charity work, or charity runs please get in touch with THP (links below) or myself! If these matters interest you I highly recommend checking out Chris Herren’s story via google or better yet, his book “Basketball Junkie: A Memoir”. Finally, thanks to my amazing wife, partner and best friend Mary who has stood by my side since we were 17. Being a good person is her natural condition. She has gone through everything with me and has been a light in the darkness ever since I first saw her in Tyson’s Corner Mall circa February ’94. I did manage to mark that date on the calendar. I love you Baby > THP RUNS > THP RUNS: AMBASSADORS

#thpruns #theherrenproject #changeispossible #soberwarrior


Author: ultrarunvegan

Dad, Husband, Ultra Runner, Musician, Writer, RRCA Certified Running Coach, New Balance Running Coach, The Herren Project Ambassador Runner, Guitarist in Twisted Tower Dire, Guitarist in Walpyrgus #walpyrgus #twistedtowerdire #RRCA #theherrenproject

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